PROTECTION: The Pin Creator has been disinfecting all inbound overseas shipments since the end of January 2020. Boxes are sterilized before opening. Contents are removed, and packages are disinfected. Overseas boxes are discarded, and brand new boxes are used in their place.

CONTINUITY: We have prepared our staff to ensure continued operations at The Pin Creator. We will be answering emails and handling phone calls regularly as we process your orders. The shipping of orders will continue. We are making every effort to deliver your order on time but may experience delays as we incorporate social distancing into our processes due to COVID-19.

ORDERS IN PROCESS: A tournament or convention cancellation is terrible news, and some have happened already. Many of you have ordered with The Pin Creator, and we thank you for that! Some of you are wondering if there’s a possibility to put your order on hold, perhaps change the design/quantity for another event or even receive an outright refund.

Once an order is placed, our standard policy is not to issue refunds. We have that policy because your items are custom made and cannot be sold to anyone else. However, we do recognize and are sensitive to the unique conditions and sad circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Like all pin companies, our production facilities were faced with quarantines and delays right around the Chinese New Year (CNY) break. The reduction of available factory staff during this time has resulted in extended processing times for production. Please email your representative directly to check on the status of your pending order.

If your event was canceled (or might be) and you are reading this, you’re probably wondering about your order. Instead of our standard “no refunds” policy, we’ll accommodate you if we can. We will do our best to help some of you, but not all. If you have received your order already, or it is has shipped already, we cannot issue a refund.