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Nothing beats the timeless elegance of die struck pins from The Pin Creator.
If you would like to commemorate hard work or celebrating team spirit, nothing compares to the simple yet striking elegance of die struck pins. Our seasoned craftsmen have 20+ years of experience with these special pin techniques to ensure that your custom pin design will not only come out perfect, but will be the envy of teams and coworkers alike.

Custom die struck pins for any occasion

Our pins come in a number different metals, cuts, and finishes to ensure your design will come out exactly how you want it. We are not just limited to pins. Our die struck process can help make your custom designed keychains, tie tacks, or coins with the same sophisticated look

Die Struck Lapel Pin Sizes & Price

SIZE – QTY 100 200 300 500 750 1000 2000 3000 5000
0.75″ $2.69 $2.00 $1.38 $1.08 $0.98 $0.80 $0.74 $0.69 $0.59
1″ $2.78 $2.05 $1.41 $1.14 $1.03 $0.85 $0.77 $0.71 $0.63
1.25″ $2.81 $2.08 $1.43 $1.19 $1.07 $0.85 $0.79 $0.72 $0.64
1.5″ $2.88 $2.21 $1.58 $1.20 $1.09 $0.92 $0.84 $0.75 $0.70
1.75″ $3.00 $2.50 $1.90 $1.49 $1.38 $1.19 $1.04 $0.96 $0.87
2″ $3.16 $2.64 $2.13 $1.63 $1.51 $1.42 $1.33 $1.22 $1.12

How are Die Struck Pins made?

In it’s original context, die striking was a method used to make high quality jewelry. This is done by forming a very dense piece of metal with an incredible amount of pressure. This density directly contributes to their durability. 

After the initial die striking process, you have the options of sandblasting and enamel color fillings. Sandblasting will give the pin some contrast, and enamel fillings will make it eye catching.

How durable are these pins?

Generally, die struck pins are very durable since it is made of metal.

Who would use these types of pins?

  1. If you are looking for a highly visible pin with metallic finish, this pin is for you.
  2. For those who look for pins that give value through the metallic feeling, thickness and heavy weight, order this type of pin.
  3. If you would like a pin with a classic feel with options of antique and minimal color finishing, this pin would work well for you.
  4. Additionally, this pin would work great for those looking at customized shapes.
  5. As a result, these type of pins would be especially useful for those who are looking for recognition awards, years of service, achievements, student awards, sports team, participation awards and sororities.

If you are looking to use these pins for trading, we highly recommend enamel fillings and an epoxy finish, for trade value and increased durability.

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50 - 100100 - 500500 - 10001000 - 50005000 +

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