The Importance of Giving Baseball Pins At The Start Of The Season

When baseball season starts, coaches make sure players are supplied with jerseys, hats, and other types of baseball equipment.Baseball pin, custom made, black die struck, custom team pin
Another important item to give to players is a baseball pin.

Pins are great way to motivate your players to do well.  Some examples of specialized pins are:

  • Players who hit home runs
  • steal the most bases
  • catch the most infield balls
  • catch the most outfield balls
  • hit the most homeruns
  • bats the most players home
  • have good sportsmanship
  • most improved player
  • most valuable player

and many other accomplishments.   A baseball pin can be custom designed to match your team’s logo and colors. You can also include the player numbers and some designs even have enough space to put their names.

Your Players Can Trade Their Baseball Pins with Other Teams

A baseball pin can be traded throughout the season with other players.  Just make sure you remember to order a large supply.  To know how many to order, you can calculate the number of pins needed by looking at the number of games you will be playing during the season. Take that number and multiply it by the average number of players on each team.  Make sure to include coaches, assistant coaches and bat boys, as they may also want to trade pins.

Should your team be successful and reach the playoffs at the end of the season, you will want to consider ordering another set of pins for these special events.

How Many Trading Pins Should A Team Order?

Cooperstown pin with dangle, adds trading power

Order Plenty of  Team Trading Pins for the season and afterwards.

Trading pins needed will depend on the number of events a team will participate in – during the season and afterwards.  During the regular season, coaches should have plenty of team pins available for their players.  They should also plan to have sport pins available for the teams they play afterwards.

Trading sports pins has become a normal part of most team sports.  Players would be disappointed if they did not have any trading pins to trade with the other teams.  What makes trading fun is collecting or trading pins from all the other teams they meet, even the ones they don’t necessary play.

How To Order Team Trading Pins for Playoffs, Hockey Tournaments & Cooperstownaffordable, cooperstown baseball pin, custom designed, with slider, blinkies, glitter, has the best trading power

Different playoff events, tournaments and special events like Cooperstown are great opportunities to order custom trading pins.  The pin styles you create should reflect the accomplishments of the team.  For example, you will want to include details which show the type of playoff event, such as district, regional or state.  You may also want to include your team’s winning average on the design of the pin.

For Cooperstown events, you will want a design which includes the year, as well as the word “Cooperstown” showing where the event took place.

It’s also important for teams to add special elements so their trading pin will be highly sought out.  Special items such as Danglers, or blinkers, sliders, spinners and glitter have made a big difference in that trading power.

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Custom Trading Pins

Use Team Trading Pins During the Regular Season and Afterwards

Get Team Trading Pins for the season and afterwards.

How many trading pins should coaches order?

Trading pins needed will depend on the number of events a team will participate in – during the season and afterwards.  During the regular season, coaches should have plenty of team pins available for their players.  They should also plan to have sport pins available for the teams they play afterwards.

Trading sports pins has become a normal part of most team sports.  Players would be disappointed if they did not have any trading pins to trade with the other teams.  What makes trading fun is collecting/trading pins from all the other teams they meet, even the ones they don’t necessary play.

Order Team Trading Pins for Playoffs, Hockey Tournaments and Cooperstown

Different playoff events, tournaments and special events like Cooperstown are great opportunities to order custom pins.  The pin styles you create should reflect the accomplishments of the team.  For example, you will want to include details which show the type of playoff event, such as district, regional or state.  You may also want to include your team’s winning average on the design of the pin.

For Cooperstown events, you will want a design which includes the year, as well as the word “Cooperstown” showing where the event took place.

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5 Simple Tips To A Great Lapel Pin Design

Corporate pin for, Woman of the Year, VIP Member

Lapel pins can be designed in many different ways but a good custom pin will represent your company, your sport team, or your years of service pin to reflect your cause and compliment it.

Helpful tips

Planning your eye-catching lapel pin design:

1. Experienced lapel pin designers and creators are very important, it shows in the final product.

2. Setup a budget before the design process to keep on task.

3. Order early and get ahead of the crowds! This allows you to get your lapel pins in plenty of time

4. Order plenty!  The more you buy, the greater the discount, so plan well!

5. Check, Check and recheck your proofs.  Check for spelling errors, roster numbers, employee name, company colors.

Our professional designers have created amazing lapel pin designs for many corporations and sport teams just by a good description or even a design concept sketched out on paper.  

Use our Pantone color chart to help you get just the right color match for your lapel pin design.

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3 Tips To Create Your Best Custom Trading Pins

The Pin Creator has 20+ years experience designing eye-catching baseball and softball custom trading pins.

Softball league pin, custom designed, softball baseball team, softball team trading pinWe create beautiful, durable custom trading pins that will be a reminder of that big out of state tournament or first home run for years to come.  Imagine being able to provide your team with a unique and personal memento that will last a lifetime, all at the most affordable price in the business.

1. It’s all in the color

One of the most important components when creating softball or baseball trading pins is choosing the right colors. When attending big events like Cooperstown, it’s vital to select vibrant, eye-catching colors to ensure your pins stand out amongst the rest. Utilizing the Pantone Color Chart allows us to exactly match your logo’s colors. The Kansas City Power Softball team used a bright yellow to grab attention and chose to highlight the player’s numbers on the pins as well to create a pin you can’t ignore.

2. Logos: Let the competition know who they’re messing with

A sport team’s logo is their brand. MLB logos can be recognized around the world and in Little League baseball, they can have the same effect on a smaller scale. When the competition heats up, repping your team’s logo on your custom baseball pins lets the other teams know who they’ll be facing at the tournament. Custom trading pins are also a fantastic idea for family and friends to show support for their team.

Some examples of great logos

Little league, custom baseball pin, baseball image with broken bat, The Middletown Lions’ custom baseball pins are a unique shape that’s different than other pins players and fans will likely see at games and tournaments. Unique trading pins hold a higher trading power.  Example:

Baseball trading pin, custom designed, red and grey colors, Good baseball pins are highly detailed with the team member’s name and number.  Additional details are coach’s and assistant coaches’ names, as well as (in this instance) utilizing sharp contrasting colors of grey and red to create a eye-catching, sought after design. The Downriver Hawks’ The type of detail found on custom baseball and softball pins from The Pin Creator are like nothing you’ll find anywhere else.

3. Strive for quality without breaking bank

Custom softball pins, created by professional designers, world series gameWhen you’re spending your hard earned money to create something special for your team, you want to know that not only are you getting quality products, but that you’re working with a quality company. In order to ensure that our customers have the best experience, we offer a variety of complimentary services such as free artwork, designs, revisions, molds, die-casts and setup. Additionally, we offer free ground shipping on orders of 300 pins or more and 100% guarantee of on-time delivery for rush orders. Of course, you can always count on finding the lowest prices in the business for your custom softball and baseball trading pins.

We love providing pins year after year to repeat customers and are always ecstatic to work with new ones. If you have any questions about the pin ordering process, from design to delivery, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 1-855-290-9900 or email us at [email protected]. Our vast amount of knowledge comes from years creating beautiful, customs sports pins for our satisfied customers.  To get started on your next custom pin, contact us today!

What Else Can The Pin Creator Offer You?

Although The Pin Creator has years and years of experience creating beautiful custom pins for sports teams and tournaments, we also make a lot of other unique items for our customers.

A scranton miners trading pin for cooperstownIf you’re in the market for a novelty item to give an employee or the captain of the team, consider our custom coins! They’re high quality, made with epoxy paints that are sure to leave a beautiful finish that will last for a lifetime. Another popular option are our custom key chains. Just like with our pins, each coin and key chain is customizable down to the smallest detail. At The Pin Creator, we aim to provide our customers with the highest level of quality and satisfaction with each and every item we deliver.

If you’re looking for an advertising option for your company, look no further than our lanyards! Our lanyards are available in a variety of colors that will set your company or team apart. These durable lanyards are great for holding keys or ID card and come in a variety of colors. We’d love to work with you to create the perfect design to suit your needs.

Ice hockey pins for the Mankato Hockey LeagueIn the market for something that makes a bigger statement? The Pin Creator also creates custom banners! Our banners, made from durable, quality vinyl is perfect for all of your outdoor events! Because the banners can be cut to fit any size and are printed in full color, we’re able to create a banner that’s perfect for any situation. Like the other products, our banners can be used over and over again for tournaments, parades, or general team/corporate spirit!

The Best in the Pin Business

Don’t forget! Cooperstown tournaments begin in less than a month! If you’re looking to bring custom, quality pins to the Dream Park, contact us to get your order started today! Our goal is to always provide our customers with the highest quality pins at the lowest possible prices. You can count on our experienced staff to help you through the whole experience.

If you’re not looking for baseball pins, you can also get your hockey, softball, and other sports pins from us! Our hockey pins are always a hit and our softball pins are highly sought after. Utilizing the Pantone Color Chart allows for optimal customization and our attention to detail mean that your pins will stand out in a crowd!

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Spending the Summer at Cooperstown?

It’ll be here before you know it, Cooperstown! Over 1,000 youth baseball teams from all over the country are getting ready to pack up and head to Cooperstown Dream Park to play in tournaments and possibly even trade a custom baseball pin or two.

Cooperstown & Trading Pins

Custom cooperstown pin for the Oak Creek Jr KnightsWhile long hours of practice are necessary to prepare to head to Cooperstown, teams don’t want to forget another important item when packing up to head to New York: their custom trading pins!

Some teams choose to go the minimalist  route with their designs, keeping the pin classic with the focus solely on highlighting the logo. Other teams want a more intricate design, and this can include adding team members names, a variety of colors, and custom cuts. You can even customize them to feature something unique to Cooperstown. We’re ready to work with you whether you have a complete design drawn out or are just in the beginning steps. You can visit our page dedicated to Cooperstown Trading Pins to check out some of our past designs.

Create the Perfect Cooperstown Pin

Cooperstown trading pin for Avon Americans A lot of times coaches and parents want to order pins for their teams, especially for special tournaments like Cooperstown, but feel overwhelmed. Working with The Pin Creator to design and order your custom pins is a seamless process.

Over the years, The Pin Creator has perfected the steps of working with clients to make the operation from quote, to design, to production as quick and painless as possible. The first step is to fill out our free quote form. Simply tell us what you need and this is where The Pin Creator can step in if need be and assist you with choosing the right amount of pins as well as the pin style that would work best for your design. We can even offer mock-ups for those who aren’t quite sure what they’re looking for. Worried that the pins might not quite match your logo? Don’t be! By utilizing the PMS color chart we can provide a pin with an essentially perfect color match. In addition, our five different pin styles allow you to customize the design even further.

Once you’ve decided on the final design, we will prepare and send you a mock-up via email for you to look at before production to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your pins. It is at this step that any final changes that need to be made can be, and then production starts! Now all you have to do is wait for your pins to arrive! Remember, when you’re ordering pins, key chains, coins or other novelty items with the The Pin Creator, you’re not in it alone. We’re happy to assist with any step along the way.

Trading pins are not only a great commemorative item for your team, but parents and other fans love to get in on the fun as well! Providing your team with custom pins also gives them the chance to trade with other players on different teams around the country and even the world.

You don’t want to miss out on these unforgettable additions to your Cooperstown experience! Contact us to get started on your order today!

The Lowdown on Softball Trading Pins

Softball trading pins are a sports memorabilia that players and fans can collect to show their support for their favorite teams.

custom designed, affordable softball pins and team pinsYou’ll find fans and players alike sporting pins in support of their favorite team, especially at big events like Cooperstown or hockey tournaments. When it comes to supporting their teams, softball fans are no different! The United States Fastpitch Association (USFA) is the association responsible for holding national and World Series events for softball teams. Throughout the year, regional and state events are held for players to compete against other teams all over the country. These tournaments are exciting events for players, parents and fans, and what better way to commemorate than with custom softball trading pins? Players and fans can find and trade pins from different years, events, locations and teams all over the country. In some cases, you can even purchase pins directly from the team to jump-start your collection!

Why Trade?

top quality, affordable, custom designed softball trading pins Trading pins add another level to the excitement and fun of the game for players and fans of all ages. While it also gives players the opportunity to build their own pin collections, trading encourages players to interact with one another and members from other teams, allowing them to meet other players from different cities, states and sometimes, even different countries around the world.  Not only is it a fun activity to fill the downtown between games, but it can also help to foster better sportsmanship between teams, as the players interact and get to know one another.

How Else Can You Support Your Team?

Softball trading pin, custom pin, created by The Pin Creator, for softball league team Deciding which style and type of pin is best for your team, is affected by several different factors:

 1.  Will the pin be traded by players for the normal season or another type of special event, like large tournament?

2.  How much detail will be included on the pin.  This helps determine which style of pin is best for your design.

3.  Are you playing a tournament?  If so, teams want to include additional details such as the name of the location it was held, year, and text stating the name of the tournament.

We offer a variety of styles to fit your design perfectly and work with you to create the look and feel you’ve envisioned for your softball trading pins.

You can also order additional novelty items such as  custom coins, keychains and lanyards that celebrate your favorite softball team! Looking for something even more attention-grabbing? How about bringing a custom banner to the tournament highlighting the team’s name and logo? We can help you with that as well!

Before you head to your next tournament, make sure you order your team’s softball trading pins with The Pin Creator, your one-stop destination for the best quality, most unique pins in the market. Happy Trading!

Comparing Cooperstown Trading Pin Styles: Die Struck and Offset Printed

At The Pin Creator, we offer a variety of different pin styles to suit our clients’ tastes and needs. Depending on the design and how you envisioned the pin to look, choosing the right style of pin can be an integral part of making sure your Cooperstown trading pins look their best.

Two of the styles we offer are die struck and offset printed pins. Although it may seem surprising, there are many differences between the two styles ranging from production to price. We’ve put together some information about both so that you can decide which style is for you!

Die Struck Style Pins

a Cooperstown baseball pin made for Tinley Park Bulldogs

This style pin comes in soft or hard enamel. To create these pins, a mold is crafted from the artwork we create for your pin order. The mold is made of iron and is electroplated with one of 4 main coatings: nickel for silver color, dyed black for black metal, and brass or gold for a gold or copper color. The recess parts of the pin are filled with either a soft enamel paint, which will give the pin the look and feel of ridges and recesses, or a hard enamel paint, which is fired in the oven and essentially turns to glass. This creates a smoother pin.

The hard enamel die struck pin is also sometimes referred to as Cloisonné. For this style, PMS spot colors must be used and there must be a thin line of the base metal between colors so that they do not touch in the design. These pins will feel heavier and will be a bit thicker than an offset printed pin. Die struck pins tend to be $0.10-$0.15 higher in price than offset printed pins and hard enamel pins can be $0.25-$0.30 higher in price.

Offset Printed Style Pins

the swamp things trading pin for cooperstown

These pins are are made from stainless steel metal. Like die struck pins, a mold is created from the artwork we create as part of your order. The pin’s image is then printed on the stainless steel and covered with an epoxy coating, making the pin feel smooth. Instead of PMS spot colors, this process uses CMYK color mixing. With this method, you can have colors touching in the same area of the design and also can use gradient color shading in the design. These pins are a bit thinner and lighter than die struck pins due to the difference in materials. These pins will also take 3-4 days less to produce than die struck pins and tend to be less expensive.

If you’re still not sure which style will work best for your Cooperstown trading pin design or logo, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

Cooperstown Pins – The Thrill Of The Trade

Plan on heading to Cooperstown this year? With dozens of teams playing a week and an astounding 1,000+ teams partaking each season, Cooperstown is the destination for youth baseball teams around the country.

What is Cooperstown?

cooperstown baseball pin, custom designed for trading at Cooperstown USA

This tournament is hosted in the hometown of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. The official mission of the Cooperstown Dreams Park experience is to provide  “a cultural and life enriching experience for young boys and girls who love the game” and teams spend months preparing to attend this tournament. In addition to practice, teams can prepare by ordering custom lapel and trading pins. When players aren’t on the field, one of the most popular activities at the tournament is trading custom sports pins. After the opening festivities where the teams are announced and players walk out in their uniforms with their team banner, the tournament has officially begun.

top quality, yet affordable, customized cooperstown trading pin for Cooperstown, USA

At huge tournaments like Cooperstown, you’ll need something to keep the players and fans occupied during downtime. Players want to trade their lapel pins and collect new ones, hoping to score the best Cooperstown pins at the tournament. When the action dies down for the day, players go to their hotel rooms and start organizing their pins, sorting them and putting them on collection towels or in collector books. Players and fans compare their haul with one another and figure out which pins they want to add to their collections before the tournament ends.

Cooperstown Trading pins are a great way to remember this experience for years to come. It’s not just the players who want to get in on the action. Parents want to help their children collect the best pins and siblings hanging out in the stands love trading pins to keep them entertained.

Celebrate the Pin Trading Experience

Each team wants to have the most sought after pin and that means having a unique design and special features. When ordering pins for Cooperstown, there are a variety of design routes you can go. Some Cooperstown trading pins feature intricate team logo designs, while others have a team logo and feature something making it unique to the Cooperstown tournament. Whatever design you have in mind, The Pin Creator wants to make it a reality. Visit our page dedicated to Cooperstown Trading Pins to check out some of our top quality designs!

Before you head to Cooperstown, make sure to you order enough pins with The Pin Creator, your one-stop destination for the best quality, most unique pins in the market. Happy Trading!

Hockey Trading Pins

Hockey is one of the most exciting, visceral, and fast paced games there is! Whether you’re a player, coach or a fan, there’s no better way to commemorate a team, tournament or championship quite like creating custom hockey trading pins.

Fun Things to Add To Your Custom Hockey Pins

Our hockey pins have become a must-have item among hockey teams. These cool, custom designed pins can have a wide variety of unique features, such as:

  • Sliders
  • Danglers
  • Blinkers
  • Glitter
  • Bobbleheads

When you order your custom hockey pins with The Pin Creator, you are given full control over your design.  You can choose to have your team colors matched exactly using the Pantone Color Chart as well as your team logo added to the pins. Additionally, you’re able to pick what type of finish you would like: soft enamel, die-struck, offset printed, silkscreen printed or photo etched.  

Squirt hockey pin custom designed with a slider

Hockey Tournaments Are Experiences Worth Remembering

Tournament season is here and there’s no more exciting time for players and fans alike! From Mites to Peewees, Bantams, Midgets and Squirts, these teams are getting ready and hoping to make it to The Fargo Tournaments and Silver Stick Tournaments amongst many others.

The tournaments in Fargo are the highlight of the season. This enormous gathering of over 300 teams really showcases up-and-coming hockey talent. Players of all ages and skill levels take their turn on the ice, and the competition is fierce but rewarding. For the kids involved in hockey, it is an opportunity not to be missed.

Hockey Trading Pins Have Become Quite A Sensation

Custom designed hockey pin, with blue glitter on black metal

If you’re planning to take your team to any tournaments this season, you need to make sure you have enough hockey pins for all of the kids to trade. Don’t wait! Trading hockey pins is part of the fun and excitement of the tournament! Now is the perfect time to start ordering your perfect custom-designed hockey pins.

When ordering your custom hockey trading pins for your team, make sure you select a design that really represents your team and stands out from all the others. As a premier designer of hockey pins for many years, we have quite a few bold and highly acclaimed designs in our gallery to provide ideas and inspiration for your perfect custom pin. We offer a host of options to give your hockey pin distinction and improve its trading power. Make this tournament the one that your team never forgets!

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The Pin Creator Website Redesign!

We are excited to announce the launch of our brand new website! Our goal was to provide our customers a website that exemplified the experience of working with The Pin Creator: easy, efficient, and enjoyable. Featuring up-to-date product information, easy navigation and mobile efficiency, creating your perfect pin is more convenient than ever. We partnered with web design company Subtle Effect to build a website that streamlines the consumer experience whether you are a first time customer or have worked with us previously.

We designed our new website to make finding what you’re looking for fast and easy. Our navigation bar allows you to browse by type of pin (“Pins”) or how the pin is made (“Pin Styles”). The Pin Creator is more than just pins! You can also explore our novelty items like coins, keychains and lanyards. You can even conveniently pay your bill right on our website.

At The Pin Creator, we aim to provide our customers with a seamless process from beginning to end. Ordering your pins only requires a few simple steps. Our convenient Pantone Color Chart provides you with hundreds of colors to choose from, so you know you’re going to get a pin that is exactly as you envisioned it.


Browse through our photo galleries for inspiration or upload photo ideas of your own and get a fast, free quote. To help you turn your pin vision into a reality as easily as possible we even offer free artwork and revisions.


From design to delivery, ordering from The Pin Creator provides you with a top-quality product with a best-price guarantee!

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Quick tips to help prepare your journey to Cooperstown!

Cooperstown is an impactful, exciting and life-changing event for any child that loves to play baseball! Beginning in June and continuing until the end of August over a hundred teams compete every week, in Cooperstown, New York, with the very best of their peers from around the world.

If you’re planning on taking your baseball team to Cooperstown:

1.  Start early.

           – Enrollment is open from September to December of the previous year. By that point, you will want to know:

  • How you will be getting there (driving? flying?)
  • How many people are going?
  • What sort of accommodations will you need?
  • Do you want to plan any group activities outside of Cooperstown?

baseball pin, top quality, affordable lapel pin


3.  Important things to remember:

  • Family members must provide their own lodging.
  • Teams must provide their own meals.
  • There is a lot to do around the area; make sure to take advantage of your downtime!
  • Allow time for processing. A custom pin order takes anywhere from three to four weeks to complete.


4.  Fundraising is key.

The average pin order alone can cost between $2000 – $5000. This, along with the added cost of admission for Cooperstown, additional lodging and meals, as well as any other activities, makes preparation and fund raising an absolute MUST.

There are many proven and effective ways available helping coaches raise money for their teams trip to Cooperstown. Fund raising can also be an excellent team builder helping the team pull together on and off the field. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Bake sales
  • Car wash
  • Sell raffle tickets
  • Find local businesses to sponsor you (A great tax write off!)

Every year teams across the country make their way to Cooperstown for the baseball experience of the summer. All it takes is determination and using your community resources for your team to quickly raise the funds to join in on the fun. We look forward to working with you, and we wish you luck on your journey!

The Season Highlight – Nationals

Baseball trading pin for the Hollister Headhunters

It’s mid-summer, and time for Nationals!

Baseball and softball teams from all over the world compete to go to nationals.  This is the time when hundreds of teams meet together; gathering as many as 5,000 to 10,000 people in one spot. This is where these kid’s dreams are coming true; they’ve finally made it!  Imagine how they must feel!

Everyone is dressed in their uniform, ready for the opening ceremony.

So imagine for a moment, you and your team have arrived and looking around you can see other teams, their coaches and parents. Everyone is excitedly anticipating the events to come, the talks from professional athletes, the access to new equipment from quality vendors, and of course baseball pin trading.  In the midst of all of the excitement you suddenly hear the booming voice of the announcer, and see teams moving forward as he calls out their names. Your heart is pounding; your hands are cold and sweaty, when it finally happens: your team has been called!

There’s more excitement:  Pin trading!

Throughout the upcoming hours, kids will be looking everywhere to find that special pin before anybody else does.  These team pins not only look cool, but also have some really unique and sought after features! Some may have spinners, others might be dusted with glitter, some glow in the dark, and some havetheir own one-of-a-kind designs.  Kids here have the opportunity to earn some valuable life experiences, employing their negotiating skills and learning how to bargain for the pins they want before someone else gets them.

Softball league pin, with bright color accents, professional design

It’s important to have a good supply of trading pins!

One thing a coach needs to make sure of is that he has enough pins for his team so that they don’t run out of pins to trade.  Pins can be used for awards (i.e. attendance, best batting average, best base hits, best field catches, best attitude), incentives, and most important of all – trading!  Make sure your team is equipped with the pins they need to get the pins they want.

 Get your free quote now!


Excellent Ways To Use Lapel Pins | Business Use | Education Use

How Business and Organizations Use Die Struck Lapel Pins

fun, custom designed corporate pin, in a potion bottle designThere are many uses of lapel pins.  Additional pin uses are sports related, others are award related.  Additional uses of pins are: marketing, honoring, as a memento, commemorating, service related, effort related.  Lapel Pins can also be used for:  educational institutes (again awards, honor and creating a lasting memory).  Lastly, sport teams have used them to trade amongst their players.

Here’s a list of top reasons businesses and schools use Lapel pins.

  1. Schools issue die struck lapel pins to students participating in different sporting events. The pins can be traded with other schools during games and tournaments.
  2.  Additionally, schools also issue them to teams and during activities.
  3. Die Struck Pins can also used as an award for educational recognition at many levels.  This includes middle school, high school, college and graduate school.
  4. Distributed during graduations.
  5. Pins can be created for any special achievements, clubs, or certifications the student has participated in.
  6. Recognition of their outstanding employees that reach set goals and milestones within the company.
  7. Marketing – as a visual and as an item to hand out.
  8. Years of Service – At a school or business.
  9. Commemorating an event.

Scholarship fund lapel pin


TIP:  The types of pins created should reflect the goal or milestone the employee has reached.  For example – if the employee has recently been certified on a new piece of equipment or work process, the pin should reflect the certification.  For milestones like years of service, the pins could be a single design, which is given out when the employee reaches the one-year service level.  Each year after, you could choose to give out a dangler, which attaches to the pin, rather than issuing a different pin for each year of service.

Creating Custom Baseball Pins

softball trading pin, world series custom pin

Simple Check list for creating your Custom Baseball Pin.


There are different styles and types of unique baseball pins to pick from, especially when you create your own individual pins.  In order to determine which types of processes will be needed to create that special pin, you need to ask yourself some questions such as the following:

  1. How many colors do you want on the pin
  2. Do you want to put your team name and mascot on the pin?
  3. Do you want to include a date, year or location?
  4. Do you want the name of your players on the pin?

By answering each of these questions, and a few others, such as:

  1. What size of pin would you like?
  2. Do you want a dangle?
  3. Do you want a blinkie?
  4. Would you prefer a slider?

These questions help us determine which types of styles will work to create the perfect type of custom baseball pins you desire for your team.

A Team Can Have More Than One Type or Style of Custom Baseball Pins

custom baseball pins, unique designs, gives trading power

Using more than one style of baseball pins.

You can have more than one type and style of baseball lapel pins created for your team.  You could have one special pin created for your players which they will keep and not trade.


You could have special achievement pins to give your players, such as one for stealing a base, or one for hitting a home run.

In addition to these pins, you will also want a large number of pins, which your players will trade with the players from other teams to build their collections. You will want more than one style and type of trading pins, too. You will want one style for the regular season, another for the playoffs and another for special events, like when you go to Cooperstown or Nationals.


Trading Softball Pins Can Be Just as Popular as Playing the Game

Custom designed softball pins by The Pin Creator

Did you know that Softball Pins have become just as popular with players, as playing the game?

Is trading softball pins part of the game in your area?  Do team members want to trade pins with other players from other teams, to build their collections?  If so, then we have the sport pins you need.  Our lapel pins are custom designed by professional designers.  These sport pins are carefully designed meet your team’s logo or dream design.

Pin trading can take place at any time the teams are not busy playing on the field.  They may trade while waiting their turn to play, or at the end of their game. They may also want to trade with other teams they are not playing, to get a wider assortment of pins for their individual collections.

You Will Want to Have Different Types of Softball Pins Available

You will want to have several different types of softball pins for your players each season.  You will want a team pin to be traded during the regular season.  You will want another pin for playoff events. Even if your players do not make the playoffs, they may still want to attend and exchange pins with the other teams.  You will also want to have pins available for regional and World Series events, when your team participates.  These types of events expose your team to teams which they would not normally play during the regular season. You may even want to give your players their own customized pin to commemorate winning one of these special events.

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Trading Softball Pins Is Common In This Sport

Sports pin trading is common in a variety of sports, including softball.


A softball coach will usually order softball pins and issues them at the beginning of the season.  They will normally order their team pins before the season starts.  Remember, the more games you win, the more your team’s pin will be sought after.  Therefore, you should definitely make sure that you have a large quantity of pins available for your players, as a result, you will not worry about running out before the season is over and your players will be able to trade and collect pins from all of the other teams.  Any softball pins left over at the end of the regular season can be given out to umpires and fans, as a way of saying thank you for their continued help and support of your team.

Different Methods To Create Your Own Custom Softball Pins

Coaches can select from our many different methods used to create a custom softball pin. These methods include die struck, photo etched, soft enamel, silkscreened, and offset printed.  Each method uses different processes to create the finished pin.  Additionally our silkcreened pins are pins that require only a few colors.Softball pins, custom designed, affordable

Complex designs should use a different method. Some options include offset printed or soft enamel. Soft enamel creates raised and recessed areas on the pin and are baked.  Offset printed pins use a flat metal pin, where the design is printed directly onto the metal. This method allows for finer details and variation in colors.

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Team Pins Are for All Types of Sports

Team pins are not just for baseball and softball teams.

A world series pin, sports trading pinThis type of pin is also popular in other types of sports, such as lacrosse, football, basketball, volleyball, soccer and hockey. Depending on the players, pin trading may or may not occur. Not all of your players may be into pin trading. However, it never hurts to have a large supply of pins available to your players, especially for the ones that want to trade pins with other teams.

What usually happens, is that initially a few players won’t want to trade pins. They act uninterested or just too cool.  Once they start seeing all of the other cool pins their teammates get, soon they want to join in and start trading, too.

Team Pins Can Be Custom Designed Using Different Styles

There are different types of team pins available. They can be customized with your team’s colors, logos and other information. Pin styles include die struck, photo etched, soft enamel, silkscreen printed and offset printed. Each type of style uses different methods in order to create individual pins.

It should be pointed out that the amount of detail desired in the pin design can limit using certain styles. In fact, some designs limit the number of colors and amount of detail that can be used. For example, silkscreen pins are ideal for pins with a few colors and simple art designs.

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