Photo Etched Pins

Photo etching or Photochemical machining (PCM) is a chemical milling process.  This process can produce highly detailed pieces of artwork with very fine accuracy.  Photo etching is a cost-saving method compared to stamping, punching, laser or water jet cutting.

This process is described with the following steps:

  1. The pin material, usually brass or copper, has a film image transferred to it
  2. Photoresist, a light sensitive material, is coated around your design project.
  3. UV light then hardens the photoresist.
  4. The unprotected parts then have a solution of acid applied to them.
  5. The design is quickly corroded away.
  6. Remaining acids and impurities are cleaned off, resulting in a precisely made product.
  7. Acid etched cavities are filled with enamel colors, one at a time.  This is done via a syringe.
  8. The product is oven-fired.
  9. It is then cut into individual pins, and polished.

At this point you have the option to add an epoxy coating to prevent against wear and tear.

Benefits of Photo Etched Pins

Photo Etched Pins are perfect for highly complex designs(without shadows or gradients).  They also come with a wide range of available color selections.  Additionally, Photo Etched pins weigh less than other types of pins because they are made thinner. This can be a benefit for larger pin designs! Alternatively, if you wish to add shadows or gradients to your design, we suggest looking into offset printed pins.

If Photo Etched Pins are the right pins for you, then we invite you to send us your design! We offer free quotes for all of our products.

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For last minute orders, we recommend Photo Etched or Silk Screen pins, as these are produced much more quickly than other options.

Soft Enamel fillings add to production time, so please be aware that this can affect your receiving date.

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