Silkscreen printed pins are unique in the world of pins, in that they are able to use the entire surface of the pin with no metal boundaries. They are excellent for colors and details, as they are made with very precise dimensions.


Silkscreen pins are made by placing a photoreactive material over your design. Once exposed to light the material hardens. The non-exposed areas are then washed away, leaving a type of stencil of your design. This stencil is then used to apply ink to the pin. Oftentimes multiple stencils will be used in multiple layers, all depending on the design. Once the ink has been fully applied, a protective epoxy coating is put over the top of the pin to prevent scratching and fading. The resulting product is a very clean and professional looking pin.


Because of the level of detail available in this process, these pins are popular for corporations and organizations. Any text used will be very easy to read, which is great for logos or brands to be recognized.